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How Do You Know What an Autographed is Worth? - Author:

1, November 2016 | Published in Celebrities, Hobbies

Have you recently started to become interested in autograph collecting and would like to know the present day market value of an autograph that you are interested in purchasing?  Or have you inherited an estate from a family member and was surprised to find an abundance of autographed photos, items, cards, posters that you have …

Celebrity Autographs – Spotting the Frauds - Author:

1, November 2016 | Published in Celebrities, Hobbies

Celebrity autographs are not only fun to collect but they can also serve as great investments to add to any portfolio.  There are a several things to keep in mind when purchasing celebrity autographs to be sure you are investing in authentic autographs.   Recognizing fake autographs is almost a black art.  Spotting them can …